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I will not assign your case to an assistant or paralegal - you will receive personal attention from me

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When you are going through a divorce, bankruptcy, or having a tough time dealing with government agencies, you really need an attorney that you can tust. You can be confident that the Law Office of Jeffrey L. Zimring will keep your best interests at the forefront of your case.

Call me at 518-218-0307 to talk to me about your case and to set up your initial consultation.  Ask me about estate planning, drafting a will, or talk to me about how I can help you navigate the bureaucracy of our government agencies.

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Bankruptcy – Personal debt evaluation, concerns personally addressed, reasonable fees

Personal Legal Services – Divorce, estate planning, real estate transactions and more

Administrative Law – Assistance with government agencies including the DMV, FAA, zoning boards and OPMC

Aviation Law – Accident litigation, airport use issues, FAA enforcement issues, aircraft sales and transactions

Call the Law Office of Jeffrey L. Zimring at 518-218-0307 today to set up your initial consultation.  You will love the personalized attention I devote to your case.