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FAA Experience

Aviation Industry Involvement

Experienced Pilot and Flight Instructor

Buying or selling an airplane?

Do you need a lawyer for issues that have come up before the FAA? I am a pilot and flight instructor with more than 8,000 hours of flight experience.  I speak and understand the language of aviation.  I know how to communicate witht hose involved in the industry.

Dealing with regulatory agencies and the FAA can be confusing. With my experience as a pilot and a lawyer, I have a unique insight into the area of aviation law.  Call me today at 518-218-0307 so we can discuss your case.

•Local administrative agencies

•FAA enforcement proceedings

•Accident litigation

•Airport use issues

•Aircraft sales and transactions

High quality aviation legal representation

When you find yourself in need of an aviation attorney,  call the Law Office of Jeffrey L. Zimring at 518-218-0307.  Your case will receive my personal attention, and I will keep your best interests at the forefront of your case.